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I also have the Weston 2300.

I use both rolls and bags, but find myself using the bags more than the rolls.

I mainly use rolls when I am vac-packing rubs for travel or shipping, other than that it becomes a real pain. But it will all depend upon your volume of use. Making a few bags at a time isn't bad, but when trying to weigh contents, seal one end, and seal can take a lot of extra time when you are on a tight schedule.

I buy the bags in boxes of 100 on

6 X 10 (Pint - 2 Cups) $16.99 per 100 plus free shipping
8 X 12 (Quart - 4 Cups) $23.20 per 100 plus free shipping
11 X 16 (Gallon - 16 Cups) $34.95 per 100 plus free shipping

I use pint for single servings, quart for 2-3 servings, gallon for whole meals. The gallon will also hold a pork butt raw or cooked either whole or pulled.

You can use any manufacturers bags, but the Weston bags are heavier and are dishwasher safe and can be re-used. Many other manufacturers bags do not recommend putting the bags into boiling water or microwave to reheat the contents.

Like anything else, you get what you pay for...

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