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Less talk, more pics. Here is some more food. I apologize about the finished rib pictures, it was dark outside so I had to take them inside, and the inside of my house is where photography goes to die.

Loin back ribs. Left, SM Sweet and Spicy & SM Cherry, Middle, BB Butt Rub, Right, S&P.

I figure this cooker could hold 10 racks of BB on the bottom rack, and 7 on top, so just your average MBN rib cook.

Beef Jerky. I took all of the pieces off at the same time. First time Iíve ever been able to do that.

That should hold some of you over for a little while. Every cook is great food!

Thanks for the interest. Iím still in love with it and how it cooks. Itís been worth every penny!
Looking good, thanks for the great pics. It makes waiting for my YS1500 even more difficult!

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Interesting how you can post up REAL information that REAL people want to see, without fear of retribution, censorship and accusations...unlike you-know-who, on you-know-what. Keep up the great flow of information, it is appreciated.

Respect the "mystery rules" pal or hit the road. If you don't follow them then no biscuits for you, not even the burnt ones!

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