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Default Help a newbie...preping for a company bbq.

I have been trying to read from the enormous amount of information here from all the experts, but its a little over whelming. I am on a short time line for a company BBQ next month. Can you help point me in the right directions for the following questions?

1. A co-worker has some Water Oak that was cut down and piled up, but not split, I can have all the wood I can use from it. Any thoughts about using water oak? Prior experience using water oak left a bitter taste but maybe that was something else or not just not seasoned long enough after splitting.

2. We have an open turn in. Any suggestions? Usually, we turn in ribs but was thinking of doing something other than the normal. It can be any meat grilled or smoked.

3. Any recommended recipes for cooking briskets? We normally are given 3-4 to cook but have never won on this part. We only have about 12 hours from the time we get the meat to turn in.

Thanks in advance for all the suggestions.

Pit information - is a 24-26 inch diameter off set smoker on a trailer. Cooking chamber is about 6 ft.

Wood - Water oak tree fell during IKE but has not been split. Just sitting along his back yard fence.

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