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Default BBQ Pron for the UFC Fights

Each UFC ppv, my roommates and I always get it and I do some bbq up. This card was no different.

I did some St. Louis Cut Ribs and a spatchcocked chicken. I only got a few pictures because I was in a rush to get everything done since I worked during the day, and my friends were here when I pulled everything off the smoker.

All of it was done on my UDS w/ cherry wood at 325 degrees, pumped by my new Pitmaster IQ110.

Here are the shots I'll leave here.

Rubbed with Simply Marvelous Cherry Rub.

Finished ribs, looking good. Glazed with Bone Sucking Sauce (hot)

One of my buddies who I am helping learn to bbq did some ribs up also. These are the ribs he did and brought over.

Here is the finished spatchcocked chicken. Only rubbed with the chicken rub out of Big Bob Gibson's BBQ book. Glazed with Bone Sucking Sauce (hot)

The ribs I did, were the best ribs I have put out in quite some time. The tenderness, smokiness and flavor profile were spot on for my tastes. All my friends loved them. The chicken was nice and juicy and lightly smokey. The skin was nice and bite though, but I should of protected some of the parts of the chicken with foil as it got a little bit darker than I wanted. I guess that is the downfall of cooking at night and only having a lantern to see everything.

My friend's ribs were quite tasty. They were a completely different flavor profile than mine. The only advice I gave him, was that he needed to let the ribs cook a little bit longer, as they had a slight tug on them. I showed him how to test the ribs for doneness with the bend test and I demonstrated it when I was checking my ribs. He jumped in and got to feel how the ribs feel when they are done as well. That was only the 2nd time he had done ribs. I'm looking forward to his next batch of ribs and how they turn out.
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