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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by ATLSean View Post
On my Party G2, I did the burn at 350 for 4 hours (no racks or water pan, left in diverter), then sprayed with an entire can of PAM and let it cool down over 2-3 hours. Then I threw in the nastiest, fattiest, cheapest picnic ham I could find and cooked it into a briquette to finish seasoning. Literally just let it ride for 12hours and threw it away. Cooked butts and ribs the next day, they were delicious! This is what Andy @ Q Company Smokers told me to do, all of his advice has been great since getting my smoker! Have fun with your BWS!
Thanks for the advice. I am meeting Andy on Wednesday to pick mine up. He has been great to deal with and has given great advice. Will ask him about seasoning as well, but I'm guessing you just stole his thunder!
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