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Originally Posted by Rez90 View Post
I have a 22.5 WSM and i love it...but i want to supplement/upgrade to a wood pellet grill.

They are the same price....about the same size (Texas Grill vs Rec Tec)...and i can't decide.

Traeger has a 3 year warranty while Rec Tec has a 6 year warranty. BUT....Traeger has been in business for over 30 years....Rec Tec....I have no idea.

I STRONGLY prefer the look of the Traeger...but from what i'm reading the Rec Tec seems to be built better....

I can't decide!!! PLEASE HELP!??!
Originally Posted by cpw View Post
BBQ sauce reviews just did a review on the rec tec. I believe he said it was made in china.
Yep, I just posted my review on the REC TEC Grill this past Wednesday on our website, BBQ Sauce Reviews. I don't think I'm aloud to post a direct link to it, but maybe someone else on here can.

The REC TEC Grill is made in China, however, the heart and soul of the grill (the computer) is made here in the USA. The powder coat is also made in the USA and the final assembly along with quality control takes place at the REC TEC Grill facility in Georgia.

The REC TEC Grill does comes with a 6 year limited warranty and the overall dimensions of the grill are (H x W x D) 48″ x 57″ x 34″ and the grill weighs 203 pounds. Plus if your're not fully satisfied with the REC TEC, you let them know within 30 days and they will refund your purchase price and pay to have it shipped back to them.

I really like that the REC TEC has a 40lb capacity hopper on it for those long cooks and the micro polished solid stainless steel bull horn handles make the grill look pretty Bad A$$ too.

Ray Carnes is one of the 2 owners of REC TEC Grills and his phone number is 706-294-1729 (I was told by Ray it was OK to post his phone number). Give him a call when you have time and let him know that you're looking into buying a pellet grill soon and want to know why you should buy one of his REC TEC Grills. He will be able to provide you even more reasons on why you should look into getting one of his REC TEC Grills.

I've used a Traeger, Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill, GMG and a REC TEC Grill and if I had to choose out of those 4, I'd pick the REC TEC hands down!

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