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This weekend is the first smoke with my newly built UDS (Seasoned two weeks ago, working last weekend).

For the occasion, I decided to do something that would add some flavoring/seasoning to the smoker and was willing to invest in a bit of prep.

SO...the winning items are:

1. BACON! Got a 3lbs pork belly about 11 days ago, used the amazingribs curing recipe. Tossed it on this morning and just got through slicing and wrapping. It's going to be Sunday brunch center piece tomorrow

2. Corned Beef Brisket -- I cheated on this and bought it already cured, both because I was lazy and because my wife wouldn't let me use anymore refrigerator space for curing. The brisket has been smoking for about 5 hours now, it's currently wrapped in foil with honey and apple juice for a bit of added sweetness

I'll post some pr0n later, been taking pictures as I go
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