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Originally Posted by DDM4V1 View Post
I have read through most of the posts in this thread, thanks to all that have posted for sharing. Putting together a UDS finally and I am seeking some assistance. I sprung for a new, unlined drum in the hopes of avoiding the need to do a burn. From what you see in these pictures, do I need to do a burn or can I start building? The inside feels like bare metal.

Also, am I OK to paint over the existing paint with high temp? Just directly onto the existing paint?

I know this has been mentioned before, but I want to get it right.

Thanks in advance and apologies for the noob Q's.


Drill your intake holes at bottom and burn that bad boy with some old pallets.

Pressure wash, wire wheel left over paint. Then re-paint with high temp paint.
I'd recommend high temp primer b4 paint.

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