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Default Temps: Redi-check vs. Tel tru

Hi all. New member here. I have been trolling this forum for a year and have got great advise and tips just from searching different topics.

I had something happen to me during my last cook that has me scratching my head and was hoping some one could give me an idea of what happened...

I cook on a Lang 36. I always have 1 redi-check inside the chamber so that I can monitor pit temp remotely. I typically see the redi-check on the bottom grate about 15 below the Teltru installed through the chamber.

This weekend, early in the cook, the teltru was at 225, with the redi-check reading 250. The two came back close to eachother @ about 2.5 hours and then at the 4-5 hour mark, the teltru was sticking at 220 and the redi-check was bouncing between 275-310. I didn't know which ones to trust, but the burn that I got on the bottom of my ribs tells me that my pit was running hotter than 225. Boil test on both afterwards and they were both dead nuts.

The one new variable I had for this cook was a waterpan in the chamber. This was the first time cooking that my brisket actually dropped temp during the stall, so I was wondering if the waterpan could have affected the teltru. I've read the teltru should be trusted over the redi-check, but It seemed off for me this past weekend. Anyone ever experience anything like this? Suggestion on what to trust?
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