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Default Lamb ribs - ideas?

Was at a Turkish butcher a few weeks ago and they had some beautiful looking, fresh butchered lamb ribs for sale. I believe they are spare ribs.

I picked up 3 racks of them and froze them that night. Am thinking about defrosting and smoking these over the weekend.

Anyone have any good ideas of how to approach these? Was thinking of treating them the same as pork spare ribs as far as cooking temps and time goes. Maybe 3-2-1 method, around 225 heat? Not sure if this makes sense for these or not.

For spicing, was thinking of doing something simple - maybe just salt, pepper, garlic powder and a bit of thyme or rosemary. Maybe when wrapping them I'll put some kind of liquid in. Not sure what kind of wood I should use also.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome!
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