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Here is what is planned out of tonight. First I need to go clean all the welds from last night. Since it was late I didn't want to be running the angle grinder and piss off the neighbors. I also have to cut the threaded rod on the hinge shorter on both ends.
The next step will be welding in reinforcements to the rear of the trailer to get rid of the flex in the trailer (which is also the last bolt down point for the UDS) I plan on doing this with some angle iron. Then I'll finish the last bolt tab.

Once I get that all done, shouldn't take all that long, I am going to get the lug nut heads painted and get the wheels on securely. Then its off to painting the UDS. The trailer won't see any touch up paint until I get the fenders on and the grill done. Just wanted it painted to get an idea of what it would look like and thankfully I did as it allowed me to test the orange and persuaded me to change the color scheme. Will post more pics tonight when work is complete. Hopefully I'll be far enough on the paint job of the UDS to throw some teaser shot's out there.
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