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[tasUOTE=glaudds;2630271]Well...3 is a prime number after all

Has anyone cooked any of these prime packers from Costco yet? How does the end product compare to other grades of brisket?[/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by SY82 View Post
I did one the other day. I do believe the quality is better than what I have been using (especially considering the price for the prime grade is the same as I was paying for choice and select). I'm definitely happy with it. Hope Costco continues to have these around.
Me too. I did one last week and its been the best/tastiest brisket I've done yet. Ive done choice and select and couldnt really tell the difference. Not the case with the prime. You immediately taste the difference and not surprising since its so marblized and tender even at the raw stage when you handle it. Good stuff for sure.
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