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Originally Posted by HBMTN View Post
I've tried everything that you suggested Ron and still nothing. I can log my routers IP in and login ot look at everything. I can see every unit that has hooked up to my router but the Guru does not. DHCP is set to on (but I tried it off as well)

I turn the Guru on and get "IP Address INFS Connecting" and then after a few it says "No Connection" I've waited several minutes and nothing. I have tried 5-6 times.

I do see a place on my router programming where it says I can associate a MAC address with an IP, can this help me?

Also my subnet mask and gw is and but I switched to the numbers you have listed and that did not work either. is your Gateway is your subnet mask

If these are called for in the Guru you will need to enter them and save before entering the router password.

Yes you can enter The Guru MAC address and assign to a specific port as well (IE: or what ever you want). If you do this I belive you have to turn DHCP off in the GURU.
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