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Default Tri tip (pics)

I grilled tri tip once before. I over cooked it and it was tough. I liked the idea that tri tip would give me the beefy flavor I craved but be something in between steak and brisket in terms of effort. I grabbed some left over brisket rub I had and tossed in a bit of cayenne. I haven't used cayenne before in my rubs. I think I overdid it a bit. I liked it, but it was hot and peppery

I used pecan for the first time. I usually use hickory (ribs/chicken) and mesquite (brisket). I was surprised how strong the pecan smoke was. It reminded me more of mesquite than I was expecting. Of course I threw on some mesquite chunks at the end.

I was a bit disappointed in my bark. Next time I want to try it with no water pan. I removed the water pan about 1:15 in a 1:40 total smoke time, but still didn't get the bark I wanted. I pulled it at 133 internal temp. My fire was in the 230-250 range. I was really happy with the medium rare doneness.

It's really hard to remember which way the grain goes before you rub it. I didn't remember correctly....

Oh well. Plenty to learn from and it tasted great too. Can't wait to make some steak sandwiches later this week! I've also got to figure out how to take better pictures. Maybe my iphone5, just isn't up to the task.

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