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Well I made progress last night. As soon as I got off work I went over to the mechanic shop where they said they could cut out my hinges. After looking at them we decided using an acetylene torch would be too rough of a cut and require a hell of a lot of grinding to smooth out. So we went down the hill the his buddy's metal shop where they make all sorts of brackets for the entire US. Gave him the templates that HookedOnQ sent me, thanks again, and he scanned them into the system and loaded into his CNC water jet. The hinges will be cut today and I'll pick them up after work. We never came to a guaranteed price but at this point I'm looking at no more than 30 bucks using 3/16 inch steel. I'll post pictures of that when I get it. Pretty stoked to say the least though

So last night I finished sanding down and cleaning up my trailer. I didn't really care about the underside but still smoothed it out a bit and hit it with paint also for rust preventative. Got the top nice and painted with 2 coats and still have paint left for touch ups once I get a little closer to finishing.

After that dried, by the way high temp paint dries extremely fast, we decided to test out the orange and white paint for my color scheme.

I was originally going to go with a Tennessee Vols color scheme. Although the orange in the picture looks pretty dang close, once it dried it is no where near close. WAY TO DARK. Also I tested out the white paint on the chimney for the UDS and realized how easily it gets dirty. For some reason the dry pictures and the chimney picture didn't save to my phone so I don't have a pic with me. I'll take another this evening. So today I will be deciding on a new paint scheme.

We also got the nipples welded into the barrel for the intakes (you can see one nipple on the far barrel). I was able to get the step bits from harbor freight on sale for 12 bucks and man does that make drilling holes easy and fast. Welding the nipples was a little more difficult that I thought. I am not even a beginner welder, I am worst lol, as we just had a stick welder given to us so now we are learning without any instruction. However we did get it done just isn't the prettiest. (The welds on the trailer were thicker metal and flat, those came out amazing after I sanded the welds down.) Tonight we will be mounting the bolt tabs to the barrel and the barrel to the trailer. Then its off to paint and let cure until this weekend when I fire her up for a test run.

My uncle has been generous enough to volunteer to build the charcoal basket for me and will be bringing it down in the next few weeks or so. Until I get it I'm going to borrow my brother's who also has an UDS to test it out. Hopefully tomorrow morning when I update the UDS will be complete on the trailer and on to the next project of the grill on the back.

One thing I am going to have to fab up is some fenders for the trailer to deflect the heat away from my tires. Shouldn't be too hard but any suggestions are always welcome.
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