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I would go with baskets, the liners are cheap, and easy to switch out. It will cut you dish load down more than you can imagine. Plus the down crumble when they hit the floor. I actually always liked BB on metal trays. You can serve your sides in metal cups. I just always liked the looka nd feel of it. It really depends on the feel you are going for. What the rest of the restaurant looks like. If you will be offering anything like steaks, chops, or something, use a plate for that.

I have been in the restaurant industry for many years, and if you buy anything, buy a POS system. I know they are very expensive, but worth every penny.

Use atleast 3 food venders. Make sure they all show up around the same time, allowing a little overlap between them so the reps see each other. The reps have more control over pricing than you would think, and this keep them competitive. If yuo feel like one company is taking you for a ride, use the other company for everything for a couple weeks. The will feel the burn, trust me.

Make a detailed excel spreadsheet with par levels for your food orders. That way every time you are doing inventory for your food order, you will know what your par is, then all you have to do is keep track of what is on hand, and you will know what you need to order. This sheet needs to have everything down to napkin rings, and tooth picks on it. Never guess when filling it out, ALWAYS put eywes on your stock when filling it out.

If you will have liquor, you NEED cameras that you can log into at home, or form your cell. Trust me on this. It is all money, but it will be money saved.

Keep track of community events (concerts, marathons, anything going on in the area) and run specials. I would highly recommend running something with Groupon. Where I live we have one called Deal Chicken. If they have it where you are, use it.

My biggest advice is be the face of the restaurant, make people want to come back and see you. Spoil your serving staff, because they are what makes or breaks a restaurant. Don't run out of anything!!! With BQQ that can be tricky, so make sure to specify on the meanu that ribs are while supplies last. Have a board insude the door that says right off the bat that you are out of ribs, or brisket.

Best of luck to you.
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