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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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baskets are cheaper and harder to brake but harder to keep looking new. Plates cost more, brake, but will stay newer looking longer. I like the metal baskets myself. have you ever ran, worked in or owned a restaurant? if you are that close to 2 colleges don't out price your market, but don't be the cheep place. I would get some smaples of the food out on football days. if it is good people will start to order whole butts and full slabs for there tail gate.
Yes have some restaurant experience but definitely different translating that into owning a restaurant. Great idea on taking samples! We are planning on a couple of tvs because of how big sports are in our area. As of right now we are planning on serving beer no liquor don't want to deal with the headache. But want to serve beer because what goes better with que than an ice cold beer? We have been lucky to be friends with a successful restaurant owner in our area who has been great on the advice and has helped streamline a lot. We like hearing everyone's opinions though bc we always learn something from em'.
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