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Originally Posted by HBMTN View Post
Iamdaman - if I type either of those ip addresses in it says page can not be displayed.

Ron - If I select WPA2 Phrase then I do not get that alert message and it saves and lets me reboot and the guru comes on saying Infrastructure mode but never displays a IP address or do the blue cursor ever start to blink. I have tried every set of numbers on the back of my router for passcodes and nothing works. If I want to hook any other device to my router be it Xbox, Direct TV, computers or Iphones all I do is type the user name and admin password from the back of the modem/router. The key/passphrase on the back of the router unit is a series of 14 letters and numbers. There is no set of numbers/letters that are 10 digets

You will need to look at network properties to find your router address then.

The numbers you are referring to on the back are the computers MAC Address. (media access control address, a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment.)
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