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Default Opening a restaurant - advice on the little things

New to the forum and learning a lot from everyone's advice. We have just leased a building and starting the daunting and intense job of opening a small restaurant. We are pricing (oh the joys!) of every teeny tiny thing. We are in a lucky position to have financial backing. So with that said for a small casual dining set up we are in the debate of whether we should serve food in baskets or plates. I have only had personal experience with plates but am trying to decide if baskets are easier. I know it's a small detail but wanted to hear what other people thought. We are lucky that there is only one bbq restaurant within 20 minutes of us, there is a demand for the product and we are pretty close to two colleges one with a pretty prominent football program. We are working on having a menu just for tailgaters if they order ahead and deliver it to the area that day.. Right now the restaurant will only have about 20 tables and the menu is not too complicated. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!
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