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Default Baby Brisket score

I just found a farmer here in GA who raises grass-fed cattle. I hear he has a fine product, but I have to drive a ways to get it. Anyway, he's giving me two briskets to "try out." Sweet - can't beat that.

But here's what's interesting to me. He slaughters his cows young, and the briskets are only 5-6 pounds (flat & point included). I've only cooked 13-15 pounders. I can't even picture a 5 pound whole brisket.

I bet these are really good, but I'd probably have to cook at least two or three to have enough meat for a comp. And I bet they won't take long to cook. They are regularly $8/lb, which seems very pricey to me.

Any of you guys have experience with these baby briskets?
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