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Default re: anybody got a list or know of a basic list for parts for building a uds ?

Promad - I don't know if I've seen an actual "shopping list" with items/descriptions and quantities laid out. If you have read any of the "how I did it's" in this thread, most authors will tell you what they used and you will see a lot of ingenuity (and pride) in what was used and how. Looking over the very basic K.I.S.S. UDS as outlined in Norcoredneck's will give you about all the info you could need as far as the basics go.

From what I've seen UDS's are pretty similiar since "form follows function":a handful of nuts/bolts, a drum, lid w/exhaust, cooking grate(s), fire basket, air inlets at the bottom with some means of controlling the air coming in. The differences between folks uds's are (mostly) minor- some are blinged out, have wheels, shelves and all sort of personal features-but at their heart are pretty much the same.

I built one of the very basic KISS versions- liked it so much I built another...exactly like it. I did cheap out and use sheet magnets instead of ball valves- but I'm surely not the only one
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