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Originally Posted by shagnasty View Post
Thanks Guys. It was a tough decision. Saved for a long time and second guessed myself for weeks. Feeling better now that its done. I'd like to add a controller but I'm just not that familiar with the different brands and features they offer.
If I had an insulated cooker like what you're getting I think that I would look at the NanoQ from BBQ Guru. Unlike the others that Guru sells and most of the other controllers on the market, the NanoQ is just a bare bones pit temp controller. It doesn't have a meat probe or internet capabilities or crazy alarms it just controls the pit. Just fill up your charcoal basket with a good lump and a few wood chunks, plug in the NanoQ, Set-it and forget-it! The NanoQ is also relatively inexpensive compared to some of the others out there. The other one to look at would be the BBQ Pitmaster IQ110. It's simple as well and even less expensive than the NanoQ!
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