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Originally Posted by Arlin_MacRae View Post
We had a new BBQ joint open up in town that served really, really good BBQ, but they consistently ran out of food in the middle of, or just before, dinner time. In less than six months they're just about done, and it's sad.
The point I'm making is make sure you've got the capacity to cook and hold food so you have something to serve when people start lining up to eat your food.
Good luck!!!
Bad timing by that place. That is a shame, Running out isn't a bad thing, but the timing of when you run out sure can be!

There are places around the country that run out everyday and it is a lunch time race to get a spot at the counter. And they continue to cook the same way. But they are very established BBQ joints.

When we vend, we would rather run out, than take food home. Taking food home will be one of your biggest expenses. You can't reuse it if you don't have proper storage. But again, we would rather run out at the end of the day, vs. during the prime serving time.

We have found in our four years on the trail that if you run out of something, they will order something else. 98% of the time it is BBQ they want. The type of meat isn't as important as the type of food.

The opposite can be true as well. Some BBQ joints will get a reputation of having flavorless, dry meat. This comes from reheating or reserving the previous days product.
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