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Originally Posted by CtTradArcher View Post
I had already done the heat deflector mod. I have also tried tuning plates.

My temps are about 50 degrees different from one end the the other at grate level.

I that about the best I can hope for?
Hmm! The heat deflector should have done the trick to even out the temps across the chamber, most cookers of the Black Diamond's size really don't require tuning plates but I have in the past raised the nose a little to urge more heat to travel toward the end by putting some 2x4 under the wheels. Another mod to do however, if you haven't already is to extend the stack down to grate level. I used some aluminum dryer hose to do this and it works with the deflector to direct everything to the far end of the cooker. The key is in not allowing the heat to go up and exit too soon.
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