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My charcoal and wood set up on my 22.5 WSM is the same whether I use my Stoker or not. I generally use a full 20lb bag of KB for every cook. I fill the ring with one layer of KB, just enough for the coals to cover the grate (roughly 30 to 40 coals give or take). I then place 6 to 8 fist size wood chunks evenly spaced apart on the layer of coals. After that I dump the rest of the bag on top of the wood and charcoal. I then take about 10 pieces of charcoal from the middle of the pile, bunch them up to one side of the charcoal chimney and light them up with a Weber lighter cube. Once the coals are ready (roughly 10 min) I place the lit coals back in the middle of the pile. When I am not using the Stoker, I open all of my vents to about 3/8 of a inch to get the fire going. You can use the end of a 3/8" drill bit if you want to be exact. Then once I am 25 degrees from my target temp, I close all of my vents down to 1/8 of a inch. Then as the target temp is hit, I would use just one vent to control the temp for the rest of the cook. Now I will admit, that by using this process it takes about 45 min to hour to get the pit up to temp. But by starting off with fewer lit coals, you can slowly bring the pit up to the desired temp without over shooting. Once you over shoot the temp, it takes a lot longer to bring it back down, then it would if you were slowly bringing it up to temp. Congrats on the new WSM. They're great cookers.
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