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Originally Posted by djmarko
Great information. Just wondering how your taste buds were after all that tasting? What was the time frame for the taste testing? I would think your taste buds would get overwhelmed after a while.
It was about a 12 hour period for tasting, and it was done in 5 or 6 different batches with an hour or two between batches. Between each sample I would cleanse my pallette with water and crackers. A couple of them took a while before I could really wash the flavor out. Here's an idea of hwo it went.

Beforehand, I made each rub ahead of time and put them in labeled ziploc baggies. I took a package of pork shoulder country style boneless ribs and cut them into portions (about 3 or 4 per rib). I did not wiegh the portions, I eyeballed them to the similar size. I then took the appropriate number of rub baggies and applied rub to these pork bits and put them on the cooker. I then prepped another batch (about a 12 at a time) and put them on the cooker staggered a couple hours later. Once a batch was ready (give or take a couple stragglers), I would take them off and let them cool while I prepped another batch and put them on the cooker. Then I started sampling the now cooled batch. Once I was done sampling it was pretty much about time for another batch to come off, and I would repeat the process again until I was all done.

Oh, and this was all I ate that day other than water and crackers, and some beer (naturally). But I ate very well, and I was STUFFED when I went to bed at like 3AM or whenever it was!
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