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4 hours in and it's looking amazing...tastes pretty good too. Can't decide if I'm going to foil it with vinegar and juice or if I'm just going to let it ride until about 6. Been cooking about 300 Performer likes to cook hot, even with bottom/top vents adjusted. I'm amazed at just how little I've had to tend to it today. Add a chunk of wood here and there, I think I'm on my 4th chunk (I add one apiece to each of the charcoal baskets) and have had to add a few coals a little bit ago. That's it though.

Dang, if I'd have known it was this easy on a kettle, I'd have never bought my big steel smoker from Academy. That thing eats wood like crazy...and I'm sitting here thinking, I get the same results from charcoal and wood chunks as I do from straight wood. Actually, probably better results, because if the wood chunks are still a bit on the wet side, they'll dry out a WHOLE lot faster than a whole split will.

The big smoker may now be a party cooker
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