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Default Boston Butt on the Kettle

I made a post yesterday about how much I love my Weber Kettle and all of you echoed with how wonderful and versatile it is. So, today I'm kicking it up a notch. Bells had Boston Butts on sale for 1.49 a pound and I could NOT resist getting this one; LOOK at that marbling!


Mixed the rest of my Yardbird and Bovine Bold together in one shaker (man this stuff lasts a while) and tee totally COATED the butt. Ended up using my little charcoal racks and put a Weber pan in the middle with water. Got the thermo facing me, and the vent facing away...hope the butt gets enough smoke. I'm trying a new wood for this one, Bradford Pear. We've got a couple of them that have gotten pretty big and the tree company that trimmed for the power lines ever so graciously left some pretty big trimmings stuck in the tree...I guess from where the branches go up instead of outward, it caught them instead of letting them fall. Nothing the chainsaw and an axe couldn't fix.


Butt on:
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