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Originally Posted by peeps View Post
Giving and taking a little ribbing here and there keeps the world a tolerable place ;)

Now back to these LSG's...

The grate space for smoking with that divider plate removed on top of the firebox is HUGE for such a small footprint!!!

I would consider that on mine for the future but I am looking to get a griddle top made (like in this thread but removable)that I can put on top of the firebox when I want to use it and a whole removable oven box would be just too damn heavy to have both options ;)

The $200-250 for the SS griddle top just wasn't in the budget.
Yeah I guess you would have to go with a really light gage steel for the box if you wanted to make it removable. I suppose 1/8" would be pretty good but it would still be pretty heavy. The griddle idea is cool though and you could probably make one that could go into the warmer and sit on top of the grill top opening. With mine I'd just remove the grates from the oven and then I'd have a 24x24 cubical with a griddle top on the bottom! Hmm! You've given me some ideas to ponder!
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