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Originally Posted by Deep South View Post
I happen to have a 24" Lone Star vertical on loan from a friend.
This thing is well built and I will be ordering one when funds allow.
Good choice, it's a very efficient design. Are you going with an insulated firebox or anything? I would recommend the 1/2' box at least for more thermal mass and heat retention. I upgraded mine to 1/2", had my cabinet widened from 24 to 30 inches and I also added the warmer/oven which I highly recommend. The oven was $550 extra but the things that you can do with it are limited only by your own imagination. I can smoke at 250 in the main chamber and bake cornbread or simmer beans in the oven at 350 to 400 at the same time! Heck, I cooked a pizza in it a couple of weeks ago! LOL! In the future I'll probably have Chris build me a trailer pit for comps and I'll definitely have him put the oven on there as well! If you haven't seen the video on the LSG site for the warmer/oven here it is.
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