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Originally Posted by texyank52 View Post
After reading through this thread for the last month or so I've read numerous times about builds not being able to maintain low temps. Has anyone been successful in getting their UDS to consistently maintain lower temps, ie: 200 to 225? If this is possible, what do attribute it to? What do you feel you did to the build to get the low temps to stay steady. I'm not a big fan of fast bbq'ing so if this isn't possible with a UDS I'd like to know before I piece one together.

Jim, I have been able to hold 220-230 without any problems, this has been in the last 8 cooks. This was my first UDS build so there is not a lot of history with it yet. Being that there is not a lot of history I can tell you how mine is run, most of the time the ball valve is open (3/4" valve w/ 1/2" I.D.), there are 3 other inlets all run with caps that have 3/8" holes drilled in them. What I have seen so far is running with air coming in all 4 inlets the burn on the charcoal is a lot more even in the basket.

Now from what I have seen on here (and I have read this mega thread) there is a lot of ways to build the UDS and this is what it working for me so far.

All the cooks so far have turned out some good BBQ but I am still doing runs with no food trying different configurations to make it better.

Now go build and enjoy........ good luck........
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