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Default Oh Weber Kettle, WHY are you so good to me...

Have decided that the Weber Kettle is certainly mans best invention. The wheel WAS invented from the Kettle, right?

My dad bought my stepmom a standard 22.5 OTS (I think its a OTS, it's the basic black Weber Kettle with an ashpan and the One Touch damper cleaner) for like 50 bucks last year and they're used it pretty much every other day lol. At any rate, last night the girlfriend and I decided we wanted grilled chicken. Didn't wanna load my Performer up into the back of my Blazer so I borrowed the regular Kettle, and man oh man, once you learn to cook on one it's so hard to cook on anything else.

Piled the coals to one side with 2 oak chunks and put the drumsticks with skin on and completely rubbed down with Bovine Bold and Yardbird on the other side, indirect. After 1.5 hours, skin was mostly crispy and the chikken laigs were done. Easily the JUICIEST chicken I have ever cooked. No idea what the kettle was running at as theirs doesn't have a thermometer built into the lid, but I had the drumsticks layered across one another because I ran out of room and they were STILL crispy, on indirect. Plowboys will be in my cabinet from now on...that stuff is good.

Like the kettle REALLY needs another great review but there was mine. Going to smoke a pork loin on it today. Hmmm....half rubbed, half salt and pepper...The girlfriend's parents aren't really big on the rubs because they give them heartburn so I usually dust theirs a little bit, but mine I load down lol. I've got the little charcoal holders that came with my Performer so I may try using them and putting the pork loin in the center of the weber.

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