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Default Biggest cook ever coming up....

And it is because of a mistake.

I just found out that a freezer door failed to seal Tuesday night around midnight when I transferred a few chunks of meat to the fridge for a long, slow thaw.

Apparently everything in the freezer has thawed, now, and needs to be cooked if we have any hope of salvaging any of it.

I don't remember exactly what is in there, but I know I have the following:

2 - 6 lb pork butts
6 - ~1lb ribeyes
4-8 chicken breasts
Who knows how many pork chops
Numerous pounds of ground beef

Fortunately, some was kept in the freezer in the kitchen, so we haven't lost our entire backstock of meat. Frustrating.

Between work and having a 3 month old daughter, I can't do much other than fire up the grills and cook relatively quickly on them. Pork butts are likely a lost cause. Fortunately, they were $0.99/lb.

Pales in comparison to some of your cooks, but I'm none too thrilled about it.
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