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Originally Posted by MilitantSquatter View Post
Maybe I'm holding up progress on your orders !!!

my 24" Vertical w/ Insulated Firebox on 4 weeks ago.. Not exactly sure when it will be ready (Chris initially told me 6-8 weeks) but I plan to follow up again next week. I ended up adding a charcoal basket to the order just to experiment...I also ordered a custom cover from GrillWrapz .com
My build ended up about being 9 or 10 weeks. I called Chris at one point to make a thermometer placement change thinking that I was probably too late but when I got him on the phone he told me that he hadn't even been able to start on it yet. He actually builds the pits in a shop in his back yard. He has a good crew working for him but they have a pretty small facility to work in. When I went to pick my pit up, there were two or three others that were ready for pick-up and they were working on one more in the shop. They must put in pretty long days to meet the demand that they have but the good thing about it is that they aren't rushing anything and they're building them right! Also in a small shop like that you are likely getting more personal attention than you would from the larger builders. They're taking it one pit at a time and they keep in contact with you with questions about your preference on your special requests, such as tapping a hole for probe wires or Guru fan adapters. By the way, I also ordered the charcoal basket. I generally don't use charcoal in a stick burner other than to start a fire with but my thinking is that it will work well for using the warmer/oven that I have as a vertical smoker. I'm planning on trying it out for the first time tomorrow to cook some beef ribs, I'll just close off the stacks on the main chamber and use the pinwheel dampers on the oven for the exhaust. I'll let ya'll know how it performs with some pics., I just wish I had something better to take a picture with than a cell phone. ...At any rate I'll get something posted if not tomorrow on this thread then definitely on Friday on a new one.
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