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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by dwfisk View Post
Is the 8x12 uncovered patio already in place? Even if it is, An alternative might be to extend it with pavers past the pool fence gate and then starting with the CD version ofvyour sketch turn the cooker 90* so it backs up to the fence with the firebox opening to the front. I think you would wind up with a natural traffic path away from thr hot spots. Just a thought. That is gonna be one nice cooker. More picscwhen yu get it in place and cookng, please.
The patio is already in place. I thought about having it backed up to the pool fence but the plan is already to have the firebox door on the end instead of the front (already in fabrication) so it would have me tending fire between the house and the smoker. Though if I swap the gate around like I would want to do with CD's concept, I can push it more to the corner near the gate and get more room for tending fire.

I think swapping the gate around is the key to being safely away from the house and protecting folks from radiant heat or direct touches.

I will investigate that when I get home. Pretty sure it can be handled with ease as it is one of those metal modular fences. Might just have to touch up the old hardware holes with some paint.

Once I get the smoker, I will be sure to post pics, a review of how it performs, and pr0n ;)
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