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Originally Posted by lavinjj View Post
I got my barrels from the same guy, and they are perfect for making a UDS. I've built 4 so far and they sure do make it a lot easier than dealing with a liner.

If you want I can pick you one up and you can swing by and grab it. I live in Lewisville, don't know how far a drive that is for you. PM me your phone number and we can work something out.
Man...that'd be great! I have one other place in Garland that I am checking on, but don't seem to be getting a very prompt response. I like having your testimonial, though, that these other barrels will do the trick.

I'll PM you my info. Lewisville is about 25-30 minutes from me. I'd be very willing to swing by on a weekend to pick one up from you.

Thanks a bunch for the offer to help.
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