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Originally Posted by WMI View Post
Thanks for taking the time for a very thorough and well read review of the 1500.
I have yet to cook on one but have sold one and this thread is a great tool before one shells out $3.5K
Ron, I'm more than happy to. There is an abundance of info about the YS640, but not the YS1320/1500. Back when I was making my initial decision before I bought my YS640 the beginning of this year, I was spending hours deciding if I wanted the YS640 or YS1320. I could find all the info I wanted about the YS640, but I had to really work hard and piece together little bits of information about the YS1320. Don was great and answered every question I had (and if you ask him, there were a lot). The owners were out there, but they weren't posting the way YS640 owners were. If there had been info like this thread out there at that time, I may very well be a YS1320 owner as well as many of the past cookers in my signature still.

Due to the low amount pictures out there and owners talking about it, I went with what was safe for me, the YS640. Now don't get me wrong, I loved my YS640. What triggered all of this was I was stuckburning one day this summer (because I hadn't used it since I got my YS640) and I was growing more and more frustrated with a cheap offset everytime I used it. I had just come back from a tour of the Yoder factory and understood exactly what the flawed points in my stickburner were after seeing them made right. I came to the realization that I only use two of my cookers 95% of the time, the YS640, and the Kamado Joe. So if I was able to sell my cookers, I was able to cover most of the cost of the YS1500. So I purged them and ordered the YS1500.

As I look at my cooker situation now, I'm so glad I did what I did. It's nice have a deck and patio again instead of a cooker museum (most here may disagree with me on that point). I have the step-up versions of the cookers I used the most and added space at our home where space is limited. I'm thrilled with the YS1500, I really can't say how happy I am, and that is not in anyway a slight to the YS640, it's a compliment to the YS1500. It really suits me well. Clearly I was happy with my YS640 if I was willing to sell all of my cookers and pay more money for something very similar. If money wasn't an issue, the YS640 would still be on my deck and getting regular use.

The point of this thread is not to gloat, or show off, I want to pay it forward. I want info out there about this cooker that I wish had been out about the YS1320 at the time I was looking to buy this past winter. I feel a little like a braggart or a show-off by posting what I do sometimes, but that is not my style or motive. I just want to post info and pictures I wish I would have had at my disposal back when I was struggling with my YS640 vs. YS1320 decision.

I'm honored that you find this as a tool to help prospective owners. That is EXACTLY the intent of this thread and what I want it to be. I hope I can help many others who are struggling with a decision like I was.
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