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This is an interesting discussion. In some ways it reminds me of my time in high school when electronic calculators were just becoming affordable (Yeah, I'm that old). Lots of kids got in trouble because they HAD to have these new, cool toys, but relied on them solely and had no clue when the calculator was giving them the wrong answer. The kids who were most successful with their new toys were those that had a handle on math and at least had a clue what the answer to the problem should be. they used the calculators to speed things up and to help them confirm the right answer, but didn't blindly believe the device.

Electronic draft controls, thermostatically controlled pits like pellet cookers, remote thermometers, even digital thermometers like the thermapen are much the same to me. I'm a geek and I enjoy using these things, but I know what my results will be before I go into the cook, and if the electronic device fails or the information that it is giving me doesn't make sense, I recognize that and know what to do to get things back on track.

These devices are just another tool that is available to us. Using them in your choice, but make sure that you know the process and how to get to the desired result without those toys. Once you have learned that then you can apply the toys to help you, not hinder you.
QFT...I'm running into the issue at work. I recently got a new manager who is trying to automate our order breakdown process without knowing the how and why of the current process. Therefore, you'll never know when something craps the bed because you do not have any exposure or experience in doing it the hardway.

I would like to get a good electronic thermometer setup as I do not trust the cheapies that I am currently using (I know for a fact the one I have in my mini-WSM is garbage). Basically I just want something that can give me a reliable pit temp and I'll figure out rest. Not knowing that point makes it difficult to have a successful cook as you have no idea how fast you meat is cooking.
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