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somebody shut me the fark up.
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This has been a really interesting thread, but I have a hard time being critical of anyone that uses what I consider technology to improve their cooks. I do not like pellet poopers or temp control units, but plenty of food better than mine has come off of a pooper or a unit with a controller. I enjoy the overnight process of tending fire and the anticipation of the new day, but I also have been known to fall asleep even when not trying to. That is why I keep a pit probe and meat probes in... just in case. Putting meat in the electric or the oven after the bark is formed and smoke is taken on is a good way to accomplish both parts. Are the habits bad? I guess it depends on the person doing the smoking. Some folks have certainly lost cooks due to relying on technology, but just as many (if not more) have lost cooks because they didn't have enough technology, decent equipment or a solid understanding of meat, temps and equipment. The reality is that everything we use is a "new trend" or new technology unless you are cooking on an open fire with a stick holding the meat (is the stick or fire a new trend too?). I guess the one part I will get on my soapbox about is that no matter what method you want to use to cook, study and learn. Watching every episode of BBQ Pitmasters will only give you an idea of the process. Doing it over and over again (and failing) and studying why things work and don't (as well as studying the specifics of your desired method) is still necessary. There are a lot of ways to skin a cat and a lot of ways to cook (low and slow vs. hot and fast, foil vs. no foil vs. butcher paper, lump vs. briquettes vs. all wood vs. pellets vs. gas vs. electric vs. whatever). Picking a method and mastering that method will put you a lot further towards success than 99.999% of the folks who bought an offset at the hardware store because it looked like the one they saw on TV and then sold it the next summer at their yard sale.
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