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Originally Posted by Rexter View Post
I would ask if they can sleeve 20 instead of 60. If not, try keeping the sleeve closed with a twist tie. Just cut it enough to pull one bum at a time. You can put them in airtight containers as well. As I posted, the best way to freshen them is with a damp paper towel and sunlight. If you do this, only do as many as you will use right away. They will harden after drawing the moisture to the surface. See if you can find a bread guy that will sell you some off the truck. They will be sleeved 20 ct. You could also get 12pks too. I carry 4/4.5/5" in sleeves, 4.5" in 12pks, and retail 8ct. Shipping would be a killer for overnight
lol yes shipping would be rough!!! lol...
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