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I used to sail as a deck officer on tankers. In school we learned all the techniques for navigation primarily dead reckoning, and celestial navigation. By the time I graduated electronic navigation had come to existence (Loran) not GPS as we know it, but pretty clever stuff, for that time, All of the shipping companies that I worked for required that we continue to do all the manual systems that we knew. It could take 45 minutes to take a celestial position, or you could go the loran machine and have one in three minutes. The theory was – if this new technology should fail, you still have a job to do….safely navigate the ship to its destination.

I think that it somewhat applicable here (otherwise I would not be wasting your time). All the new toys are great and I do own them. However there is not enough that can be said about knowing now to work without them. I had a failure on a temp controller this weekend at a comp on one of my cookers. It had been so long since I had to do in manually….I was up most of the night adjusting openings, on a cooker that for years I just used to set and forget.

I think is just makes sense – and you know, sitting there with a cold beer, good book, some hard driving blues and a sleepy dog—I think that is what got me started in this to begin with.
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