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Originally Posted by nthole View Post
Ah. Remember the old days when you could cook how you wanted, when you wanted on what you wanted with whatever for fuel and use whatever meat you wanted and put whatever sauce you wanted on it or not and you didn't have someone telling you that you were doing it wrong or the old school way or the new school way or the better way or the worse way.

I remember those days.

You make a mistake, you learn from it. You want some extra learning from it you can post a question or comment about it. Or you can use the search. But certainly, if we've all learned everything or it's all written down and there's no more questions to ask, then I guess we just move everything to a search db and we shut this place down.

That'd be sad.
Thank you.
I'm thinking we need to get together brother.

I'm a "veteran" on forums with topics other than BBQ (I'm a noob here). There are times I have to reel myself in when "a noob asks a stupid question".
Sometimes we have to remember there are people with less knowledge than we have. None of us were born with the knowledge we use on a daily basis.
If you're ever in doubt about your current state of awesome, always remember you were a dumbass noob once too. Yes, you need to be knocked down a notch my friend. You're not special in the grand scheme of life.

Originally Posted by 16Adams View Post
One of the absolute worst things in the world is the doctor saying "sit down, we need to talk"..
The second worst thing in the world is when a guy like me says the same thing.
(I'm the guy that's about to tell you about your car. If I sit down, you're about to have a bad day)
A man wearing a helmet defending his country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football.
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