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Originally Posted by JP7794 View Post
I guess this was in reference to me this morning. It was more of an exception for me and I like to think that I can come here for help when needed. I understand your point but to be honest no one is making you read or respond to any thread here.

I don't call myself a pitmaster. I am nothing more than a member (and a subscribing one at that) that needed a little help with a cook this morning.
JP, I did not read BD's comment as directed at anyone, just a commentary that solid planning and developing a variety of cooking skills = good eats. For a lot of years I did all night 16+ hour cooks but in the last 18 months or so I would like to think I've gotten my arms around H&F techniques. I'll do either, depending on the circumstances and I'm a technology geek, but to me the most important thing is my cooking experience and knowledge has been expanded and when chit happens, as it certainly will, I think I'm better prepared to adapt & overcome. That said I (like you) want a place to ask questions when I need help and this is the best place I've found to get timely answers from great folks.
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