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The first biscuit test was terrific at telling me the evenness of the pit. I have used that information a lot already. Now I wanted to perform the test again, but to see how the heat is distributed in the configuration of the hot spot. So for this test (biscuit test part 2) I opened up the sliding damper in the HMS plate, and closed the stack damper a bit to create the slight hot spot on the top rack, stack side.

Now, obviously, these are going to be uneven, that is what I want to see. That is the feature I am testing, to have hot spots when needed. If you want to see how even this pit can be with the sliding plate closed and the stack wide open, follow this link.

Now, for this test. Biscuits loaded same as last time. Same brand of biscuits, same outdoor conditions, same controller set point, same pellets, same bat time, same bat channel.

Top sides of the biscuits when they were done.


The two in the hottest spot

A comparison of the undersides across the pit

I was surprised by a number of things by this test. First of all, with the exception of the hot spot on the left side and the top rack above the hot spot, the rest of the pit was amazingly even! Secondly, I figured the biscuits above the hot spot would be charcoal by the time the rest of them were done, not even close. Yes they were more done, but still edible. I was expecting black biscuits on the left and was proven delightfully wrong. Finally, the IT from the least done biscuit to the most done biscuit was only about 15* different. Hottest was 191* and coolest was 177*.

So you get exactly as advertised, hot spot to set sauce or skin, even pit everywhere else. I was surprised that the top right rack hot spot near the damper wasn’t that hot at all. Actually it behaved in a way that evened out the top shelf.

MAN...the people at Yoder know what they are doing.
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