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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by glaudds View Post
Lol..I must of picked up the ones you didn't want as mine were dated 9/7. Since I'm a total noob, what is it you look for as far as feel when you choose a brisket?

I hope they don't jack up their prices....from what I understand about Costco pricing, they markup their items no more than 14% of their cost, with most items around 10%.
Originally Posted by SY82 View Post
I hope you are right about that.

About feel, I try to pick out ones that are floppy. There was one there that felt really stiff to me.
Originally Posted by halfprice View Post
I have read this several times on this site. In a past life, well it seems like another life ago I worked in the family meat business. Dad owned a packing house in Vernon. I worked there for 13 years. Any meat that was floppy came from a poorer quality steer. Now that doesn't mean it wouldn't cook great and maybe that's the secret for good brisket. But if I was picking a New York or Rib Eye it sure wouldn't be floppy.

As far as a feel I tend to look for a flat that bends/folds easily aka floppy as mentioned. Mine didn't fold that well but the fat cap was way too thick. When I trim the fat cap it shouldn't be a problem. The marbleization in the flat and throughout is killer though. One of the best I've bought so far.
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