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Originally Posted by SY82 View Post
Picked up a couple briskets at the Burbank Costco yesterday. When I went there, there were only two packers available dated 9/6/2013 on their labels. One looked all right, but the other just didn't feel right to me. So I asked the guy working in the back if he had anymore. He said he'll go check the back, and after a couple minutes he came back and said, "Nope. That's it. That's all we have." I took the one I liked and went around shopping for other things. I happened to pass by the meat section about ten minutes later, and I see the same guy putting out three more brisket packers. I caught his eye; he gave me a sheepish look, and he went to the back and acted like he was busy. I went over and saw that the new ones were dated 9/7/2013. Picked out another one that I liked, and I headed out.

Considering how well these packers are selling, I wouldn't be surprised if Costco starts jacking up prices very soon.
Yep! When I was there I came across only three packers myself and took one home. So they seem to be selling which is good. I don't trust the lazy meat dept employees either. It's a luck of the draw on who you talk to. Glad you scored some.
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