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Originally Posted by halfprice View Post
I have read this several times on this site. In a past life, well it seems like another life ago I worked in the family meat business. Dad owned a packing house in Vernon. I worked there for 13 years. Any meat that was floppy came from a poorer quality steer. Now that doesn't mean it wouldn't cook great and maybe that's the secret for good brisket. But if I was picking a New York or Rib Eye it sure wouldn't be floppy.

Yeah, I don't know if I'm just following myth and blaming previous poor results on how floppy the brisket is, but just from my own experience, there seems to be a correlation between floppiness and better cooks (for me, at least). Maybe they are easier to cook, maybe it's just plain dumb, luck with no statistical significance. I'm just going by what has worked for me so far. Maybe one day, I'll be forced to pick up a stiff brisket, and it'll be the best brisket I ever cooked. But until then, I'm just doing what I like to do. Kind of like superstition, I guess (maybe).
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