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Default Almost a Brisket disaster Part 2

For those of you who read Part 1 here's the next saga of my brisket cook. First off let me say everyone enjoyed the dinner even the dogs.

Now with that said I was very disappointed. I struggled with how to cook this thing low and slow or hot and fast. I choose the later and I think it was a mistake. There could have been several reason it didn't work to my liking. Maybe I did a bad job, maybe this brisket was just the devil. IDK but I didn't like it.

SO I woke up earlier than I wanted but since I was up I started up the egg. And yes my girls were standing by the entire time.

Hooked up the I-Que 110 and it worked fantastic. The only thing I was happy with.

Got to 300* at 7:15 I figured 6 hours. I didn't plan to foil it.

At about 4 hours in it was sitting around 190. I did a probe test and the point was like butter. The flat still had a ways to go.

The bark look weird on this thing. It just wasn't developing like normal and the brisket was swelling up a lot.

So I kept checking every 1/2 hour or so. Temp keep climbing but the flat would not probe tender. After 7 hours I called it quits.

As I pulled it off the point broke almost completely off. My buddy commented how tender this thing would be. I still didn't like the looks.

Pulled the point, chopped it up added a little sauce and back on for burnt ends. The flat got wrapped up and put into the ice chest while I started the Mac and Cheese and corn bread, you Southerner's would call it corn cake

Another hour passed and every thing was ready. I sliced the flat and here's what I got.

No smoke ring even though the photo shows a very faint one. It wasn't very moist.

I think I over cooked it which dried it out. But why no smoke ring and a lousy bark. I used RO lump and 4 pieces of Hickory 1 Cherry. IDK this just didn't turn out right. At least no one got hurt during this cook and everyone but the cook was happy.

We finished the meal with a cake my daughter picked up.

Next brisket will be low and slow. After this cook I am very confident the I-Que will let me sleep through the night. The BGE has always done well but the 732 has gone off for high temp in the past. The I-Que did help me find a big leak in the bottom vent which I will fix next weekend. This may have been the cause of the high temp during the night.

Oh well if you read this far thanks and any suggestions please pass them my way.

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