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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
I occurred to me recently that there are allot of posts screaming for HELP or FAILED COOK. I have noticed this pattern developing in Overnight cook...I went to bed and my fire went out or Pit temp dropped to XXX and I needed this by XXX time. Brothers Stop being lazy & plan your cooks better. ALL the Mechanical Gizmos can't replace the best tool in your Box that hunk of gray matter between your ears.
I still enjoy sitting up at night with a cook Beverage a nice Cigar a good book a little Blues in the background & my dog tending a fire making awesome vittles for the masses. Switching to a good Cup and watching the Dawn of a New Day. It's a religious experience.
If you light the fire stay awake.
I don't stay up like that much anymore unless I need to have something ready for a certain time in the morning I still cook H&F I just get up a little earlier count back 10 hrs from when I need it add 1 more for prep and preheat. It works out just fine and I can nap afterwards. I don't have no gizmos but even the UDS gets a look see once in awhile. More for my peace of mind than any thing else. Planning is 90 % of your cook to get it right.

I guess this was in reference to me this morning. It was more of an exception for me and I like to think that I can come here for help when needed. I understand your point but to be honest no one is making you read or respond to any thread here.

I don't call myself a pitmaster. I am nothing more than a member (and a subscribing one at that) that needed a little help with a cook this morning.
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