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Originally Posted by meathead27 View Post
Hello every, I tried smoking my first beef brisket today. It was a fail from the start. I bought my meat from food lion. It claimed it was ready to cook and looked pre-seasoned (it was not). So I did not do anything to it the night before.

I used salt, pepper, and a little garlic an hour prior to cooking. I kept the cooker at 225 degrees for 5 hours.

After 5 hours I wrapped it in foil and let it sit on the grill for another hour.

The meat was very chewy and took for ever to be able to swollow. The flavor was there but the tenderness and texture was not.

I am excepting all criticism and advice, like I said it is my first smoked brisket and will not take anything personal.
Every single 'brisket' I've ever seen Food Lions are actually a 'piece' of pre-packaged brisket, 2-4lb range and fully trimmed of other words, not fit for BBQ'ing.

How big was said brisket? This may help a little.......Bottomline, don't buy pieces of brisket to smoke. A flat alone should average 6-9lbs, have a nice fat cap and be uniform. A packer should average 9-15lbs plus with a lot of fat, IMO the more fat the better. Anything <5lbs is a brisket cut and not a brisket, therefore, is not going to have the fat/size to cook poperly.

Just my .02.
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